Zervas Art


“Zervas Art” from 1999 since today is activated into 160 countries, having scratch out an important and continuously arisen route. In addition, I have created an international stream of art and artists, which influences or/and directs, in many cases, the international market of art.  Zervas Art, created in 2006 the International Scientific Artistic Committee (I.S.A.C.), which is constituted by 20 artists/professors from Universities of fine Arts from 20 countries, which hold meetings frequently by mails, for the program, the research and generally for the important matters which concerns each period.  International Art Fairs are the most important annual scientific and artistic organization. It was founded in 1999 and every year organize 12-15 artistic and scientific events and participate almost 500 selected and internationally awarded artists/professors from Universities and Academies of Fine Arts as well. At 2017 created the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” and today is based in 27 countries with 30 Zervas Art Clubs.


Have the pleasure to inform you that “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is in process to found Clubs (NGO) in many countries around the world. 

You’re Welcome to Found and be Presidents of “ZERVAS ART CLUB” in your country” !Be members of the “World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs”! In every country in every city! 

“World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” is based today in 27 countries with 30 Zervas Art Clubs.


“Zervas Art” and partners proceeded with launching the “1st PATRAS BIENNALE”, aspiring to interact with the international artistic community, as well as with the culture and sciences with pertinence to Art. PATRAS BIENNALE was founded in order to communicate with the international artistic community of Cosmos as well as with the” Zervas Art” community, consisting of 60.000 artists from as many as 80 countries, with a view to establishing, promoting and developing an artistic interaction on a global scale, dating back to 1999 with the organization and successful conduction of numerous highly-acclaimed artistic initiatives. “Zervas Art” community spans the globe with activities ranging from International Painting Symposiums, Master Classes and Scientific conferences, as well as Painting Exhibitions and other various prestigious artistic projects and activities. Several thousands of acknowledged artists of different cultural backgrounds, political perspectives, colors, religions, mentalities and artistic value comprise the aforementioned community.


The international Painting Symposiums of Zervas Art founded in 1999 based in the city of Patras, Greece under the Aegis of: UNO, UNESCO, Greenpeace, Action Aid, Medesines Sans Frontiers with over 6.000 professional high level participant artists from over 70 countries. It Is a live artistic / scientific project which supports the communication between countries and people despite the differences or similarities. Distinguished Artists and Professors from the whole world create in parallel, communicate, collaborate and live together the great artistic experience under the dialogue with the maternal language of ART. The Unforgettable moments is the base of the Academic Congress which supports the creation faced with the “white canvas”. 


Welcome to the official Online Gallery for visiting from: Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Curators, Customers.

Promote and sale your Art in the whole world to: 55.000 viewers & 4.500 visitors per day in 160 countries.

Register for your Solo Exhibition and get 2 precious Awards 

INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION OF ONLINE EXHIBITION for 3 years 160 countries / 5.500.000 annual visitors 

The Online Exhibition will be promoted to about 15.000.000 visitors, collectors and customers, and will be open for 3 years.


1. Diploma from Club UNESCO of Achaia

2. Award from the World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs

3. Diploma for the participation in the Master Classes

4. Gold Medal of Zervas Art  


UNIVERSITIES / ACADEMIES / COLLEGES SCHOOLS / ARTISTIC GROUPS Professors & Students are welcome to participate in the great artistic experience with different terms. The event is supported by Hi Fi system & Projector


“World Federation of Zervas Art Clubs” & “Club for UNESCO of Achaia” have the pleasure to invite you in order to present a MASTER CLASS.  The participants of the International Painting Symposiums by “Zervas Art” are welcomed to participate in the Master Classes!!! In the artistic / Academic works of the International Painting Symposiums by “Zervas Art” are included and take place the International Artistic Master Classes.